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Kimura Foundry Co., Ltd.
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Rapid innovation, delivery speed
—and extreme performance—
in precision industrial castings

Kimura Group is one of the largest independent full-service manufacturers of iron, steel and specialty alloy castings in Japan—and one of the largest worldwide. Founded in 1927 and owned and operated by four successive generations of the Kimura family, the company today employs more than 900 people.

It is a single-source supplier for all types of industrial castings, with proven expertise in precision design, highly advanced pouring, finishing, inspection, machining and rapid prototyping. As a result, Kimura has longstanding customer relationships with customers across industries including:

  • Automotive & Tier 1 Suppliers
  • Large and Small Engine Manufacturing
  • Machine Tools
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy
  • Construction
  • Mining and Agricultural Equipment
Kimura Energy Products

Kimura Energy Products

Kimura has full ISO 14001 certification at several of its central Japan facilities, and ISO 9001 certification at them all.

It is currently building and expanding customer relationships across the Americas and recently opened its USA headquarters just north of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The primary focus is to provide a single-source for castings of all sizes and requirements to customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

“Our objective has remained constant since our company was founded: to produce castings of the highest quality and value for our customers,” said Kimura Group President Kazutoshi Kimura.

Superior-quality castings, large or small:
high-value and complex

Kimura Foundry produces more than 90,000 tons per year of precision iron, steel and specialty alloy castings, handling all aspects of design, production and delivery for customers in Japan and worldwide.

The company has four main foundries in central Japan—its largest foundry at Omaezaki, its headquarters and foundry in Shimizu-cho, its newest Advanced Manufacturing Center in Izu, all in the Shizuoka Prefecture southwest of Yokohama—together with a foundry in the Gunma Prefecture northwest of Tokyo. In addition, Kimura has three full pattern shops for the production of polystyrene patterns and three machining shops with 13 double-column machining centers.

Kimura Foundry Production Sites Japan

Large, precision castings up to 36 tons; highly agile and flexible production

The preponderance of Kimura’s production uses the “full mold” casting (FMC) process in which polystyrene patterns replace traditional wood cavity molds.

Much of the production is in three key areas—precision stamping die castings, machine tool castings and industrial machine castings. The largest castings weigh in at 36 tons and can be up to 26 feet long.

Kimura’s advances in grey cast iron and nodule cast iron include improvements in abrasion and heat resistance, extra strength, improved machinability and weldability, and significant reductions in inner defects to maximize and extend lifetime performance. This intensive R&D effort has also expanded the applications for iron castings and cast steel.

Kimura Large Molds

Big focus on high-value RP and small-lot production castings
—developed and delivered on demand

Kimura also produces rapid prototype casting parts and small lot production castings using a transformational methodology called “Direct Molding Process” (DMP). This proprietary process uses 3D printers to quickly produce highly refined molds for high-value, high complexity castings. Minimal wall thicknesses have been driven down to 1.5 mm.

These castings are produced in a new, custom-built facility in the Shizuoka Prefecture that is equipped with four furnaces, four 3D printing machines capable of producing up to 3.5 cubic meters per day, MAGMA casting simulation, and optical 3D scanners for defect analysis.

Kimura focused on chemical and metal processes, along with new intellectual property and patents that improved the quality of casting technology. Its RP and small lot production business has grown rapidly, achieving 630% growth in three years and decreasing the total planning and production time by 8x.

Now custom, high complexity castings can go from 3D model to production in just 5 days. Kimura Foundry RP and small lot castings are 100% defect free.

Kimura Foundry is a respected global leader in iron, steel and specialty alloy castings for industrial applications. Depend on us for end-to-end expertise, speed, performance and results.

Izu DMP Foundry
Kimura Artificial Sand

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